Monday, January 28, 2013

Real Internet Humor

Here are some actual "Tweets" from real people. . . enjoy!

Amy: I was trapped on the escalator for hours…power went off!!!
Dave: y didn’t u just walk down the escalator…lol
Amy: coz it stopped workin
Dave: an escalator is moving steps…lol
Amy: oh yeah so it is…lol
Dave: did u mean elevator?
Amy: no an escalator

Terri: What is Obama’s last name? Anyone know?

Misty: Does every religion celebrate Thanksgiving? Sorry, I’m dumb.

Derrek: Someone just tried to convince me that the sun is a star…the sun is the freaking sun you idiot

Kelly: I always ovary act to small stuff

Colby: Just learned that Benjamin Franklin was never president. Everything I know is a lie.
Misty: He was president? For reals?
Colby: For reals.

Tabby: im enroling in coledge as i type

Samantha: got my prom dress:)) this is what it looks like\C:Documents and Settings\Dan\My Documents\My Pictures\2x18x12\2x18x12 023aa.jpg
Corrine: web site failed
Samantha: you just copy it and paste it where you would type a website

Suz: So hot in the office one of the secretaries thought she was metal pausing

Question: Does it rain in Australia?
Answer: Me and my friend are having an argument, she says that it rains in Australia but it can’t can it because obviously the rain falls to the top of the world but at the bottom of the world it wouldn’t fall to earth it would fall into space.

Emily: 3000 years ago? Didn’t even think anyone was alive then
Seana: I’m sure this man on the Olympics said they started 3000 years ago! Its only 2012 so how would that work?

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