Monday, December 17, 2012

Facts About YOU

Your brain has the potential to remember everything you have ever experienced, read, heard and seen. The only problem is you can’t recall it, but it’s there somewhere.

Your body is constantly replacing cells, so much in fact, you have a completely different body than you did seven years ago.

The amount of information your brain can hold is believed to be up to 1000 terabytes. The IBM super computer “Watson”, has 16 terabytes.

Everyone in your dreams you will have seen some point in your life.

In your lifetime you will eat about 50 tons of food.

To exercise your legs the same amount of exercise your eyes get, you would need to walk 50 miles every day.

In the next four years you will shed your body weight in dead skin cells.

Your hair grows about 12mm a month.

You constantly sweat (about two pints a day).

Pound for pound, when you were a baby you were stronger than an ox.

Aside from burning, your hair is so non-disintegrative it’s basically indestructible.

25,000,000 cells of you died while you read this sentence ( but your body made 300 billion more of them today).

You were one cell for half an hour.

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