Monday, June 11, 2012

June Campout - brrrrr!

Trailer - check. Food - check. Clothes - check. People - check. Weather - uh, not so much, but I went camping anyway, anxious to get outdoors. Friday was gorgeous, warm and comfortable. When we woke up Saturday morning there was a noticable difference and I don't think it ever got above 50 degrees all day. The wind blew like crazy so we had to put the awning down. By nightfall, the temperature was in the high thirties - about 11:00 pm we heard tink, tink, tink on top of the trailer - icy snow flakes. It didn't last long, maybe five minutes, but the temperature continued to drop. We have a heater in our little pop-up trailer but it couldn't make headway against the constant cold. It wasn't fun, but we managed to sleep off and on through the night, hunkering down inside the sleeping bags.

By morning, it was clear but cool. We had to sit in the sun to stay warm. Still, it was wonderful to be up in the mountains, enjoying the beautiful scenery. We brought sunflower seeds to feed the critters, but they were much smarter than we and stayed in their comfy homes. Despite the temperatures, I was glad I took the chance to get out of my comfy home to start off the summer - uh, well, sort of summer season!

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