Monday, April 9, 2012

Put A Spring In Your Step!

I love this time of year when everything begins to renew itself from Winter's sleep. The bright green of budding trees, the golden splash of forsythia, the delicate pink of flowering plum trees wake the world with their color symphony. Gone is winter gray as crimson tulips break through the waiting earth and daffodils reaffirm their proclamation of life. Temperatures warm, buds open to the sun, and the pulse of life quickens to the awakening. Birds once more greet the day with notes of welcome, their wnter's silence now banished.

As the sights and sounds of Spring fill my senses I am reborn, breaking free of the protective winter cacoon I have spun. I shed the heavy clothing and feel the sun upon my skin, kissed with a delicate warming breeze. I breathe in the new life burgeoning all around me, taking energy from its struggle to shed the dreariness of winter.

Spring is the promise of things to come, a cycle of renewal, an announcement of life's continuance. My soul is fed once more with this same promise of things to come, that it is up to me to plant now what I choose to harvest for another season.

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