Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Signing

So, I had a book signing this Saturday at Winegars in Bountiful. I made up this poster to help pre-sell the sequel coming out in a couple of months. I have no idea what the real book cover looks like. It's being approved this week by the board at Cedar Fort. But, I just wanted something to catch people's attention.

The funny thing about book signings is the public doesn't know me from Eve, so as an unknown entity, I use all sorts of ways to engage the public. I offer candy, this always works with the shopper's children, I offer Welsh recipes of dishes mentioned in the books, and the one that worked best on Saturday, "Do you need a  Mother's Day gift?" I wish I could use that one every time, but there are only so many holidays in the year.

My table was set up across from the open refrigerator case holding lunch meat and cheese. I nearly froze to death, but there was a lot of traffic and I was able to talk to several people. The people I get a kick out of are the ones that see you in the aisle and veer away as if you're contaminated with an infectious disease. Or the men shopping alone who avoid eye contact and just stare at the cheese as they walk by. I actually watched a lady come toward me, stop, turn around, circle all the way around the produce department then come up on the other side of me. She didn't put any produce in her basket, but at least she didn't have to cross in front of me - I guess she was afraid I might grab her by the arm and force her to buy a book.

Anyway, I sold a few books, finished at 2:00 and went shopping with my sister! A good Saturday was had by all.

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