Monday, March 12, 2012

Journey of Promise

The title of part 2 of All That Was Promised has been decided! It will be called Journey of Promise. This story takes Richard and Leah Kenyon from Wales to America. I don't have an official release date as yet, but will let everyone know!

I'm currently working on a new manuscript titled Garden of the Gods, about Hawaii during the 1880s. This is a story about the Opunui family who join the church on Maui and move to the church owned plantation at Laie. From there they decide to leave their lush Hawaiian paradise for Zion, but Zion is less than hospitible to these Saints. A colony is established for the Polynesian Saints in the west desert of the Utah Territory of Skull Valley. They name the settlement Iospea (Joseph in Hawaiian), and create a new paradise for themselves. This story is based in historical fact and one that not many people know about. I received the journals of a man who grew up at Iosepa that assisted me greatly in understanding the culture, and the lives these wonderful people led. I'm submitting this soon and will keep you posted.

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  1. So excited for book #2 and your third book sounds fabulous!