Monday, February 13, 2012

All That Was Promised - Part 2

I received some wonderful news last week. Cedar Fort is going to publish Part 2 of All That Was Promised: All His Tender Mercies! This book continues the story of Richard and Leah Kenyon's as they heed the call to Zion. Their journey begins with faith and great sacrifice, but they're unprepared for the toll exacted on them by the Atlantic Ocean and the great Mississippi River. They call upon the Lord's tender mercies to see them through their hardships, strengthen their love for one another, and face the incredible odds mounted against them.

I will post the release date as soon I know!

I am currently working on a new manuscript about the Hawaiian Saints in the 1880s called Garden of the Gods. This is turning out to be an inspiring story and one I think needs to be told. So little is know about the Hawaiian Saints who came to Zion only to find a less than welcoming reception. Leaving their Hawaiian paradise they formed a colony in the desert of Skull Valley, Utah and made it their home.

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