Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The dictionary defines humility as the act of being humble. Humble is defined as not proud or arrogant; modest. Many years ago I learned a different definitino of humility: To be humble is to be teachable. To be teachable we must be able to admit we don't know everything. When we approach life with a spirit of humility we often experience greater serenity and understanding.
Humility often allows us to handle challenges with a greater sense of peace. We often tend to react to life's challenges rather than respond to them.
We we serve in humilty the focus on ourselves, our problems, our weaknesses is replace with compassion and greater understanding of others.
When we exhibit genuine humility we gain value as a trustworthy person. People can count on us because we are not distracted with a self-serving attitude.
Because humility requires us to be teachable it also requires us to get on our knees and ask for help to remove pride, insecurity and selfishness from our lives. Humility is a virtue and one we can learn to embrace. It is a sign of strength and purpose. We can strive to be humble so long as we are teachable.

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