Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Halloween

My mom died almost two years ago and my sister and I were going through boxes of her things. I came across a story I wrote when I was about 10 years old and thought I'd share it with you. I sure got a chuckle out of it and hope you do too. I've copied the story exactly as written.


There were three royal brothers who wanted to go on a hunting trip for a few weeks. They hired a giude named Pierre. The brothers names wer Jack, Peter and Jim. Peter got everything they needed and set out on there jouny. They went by boat and then by plane. They decided to keep the plane incase they needed anything else. They rented a cabin in Montana and stayed there. They heard there were bears up there so every night night they were going to guard the cabin, by taking turns. Pierre said he would do it the first time. The brothers decided to turn in. And Pierre gaurded the cabin. Soon they heard noises and Peter got out of bed and looked outside. And Pierre was GONE! Peter got dressed and went out to look for him. He walked a little ways and he saw a giant WEBBED FOOT PRINT! Peter went on a little ways more and he saw another. Soon he was lost. He was calling his brothers but no answer. All he could hear was this scratching and yelling and sceaming. He could hear it coming closer and closer. The to other brothers were beginning to worry about there brother. Jack said, "If he doesn't come back by morning will go and hunt for him". Well he didn't come back and so they set out to look for him. They to saw the  foot prints and were wondering what was going to happen. After awhile they saw one of Peter's boots and then his hat and blood with bones and flesh all over. They were so scared but they kept on calling and looking. It was geting very dark and they decided to go back to their cabin. They got there and, all of a sudden they heard the sceaming and yelling and scatching. They ate and then went to bed. It was about midnight and Jim woke up soundly and he heard something calling him Jim, Jim. Jim got dressed and went out without a sound hipnotized by this strange voice. Jack woke up and saw his brother he got dressed and went out to find Jim. The giant webbed foot prints were still there only more of them. He saw his brothers coat torn to sheds. And more skin and bones and blood. He to heard the sceaming and yelling and scatching. And he saw the webbed foot moster! He was running, running, and running and he ran and got in the plane but the plane wouldn't start, finely he got the plane started and the sun came up and he looked back he saw that monster turned into Pierre. He flw to the nearest city and some people found him and took him to the hospital. Now this very day he is in the sychiatric ward in Idaho.  Everyone there can hear him talking and all he says is no, no, no, and that's all he ever does. I heard on the radio an 8 year old boy was lost a night at Yellowstone Park. And they haven't found him yet. So if you happen to visit Yellowstone Park be carful.

I'm so glad my mom kept this little story. I love it, and her.

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  1. I always knew you had a great talent for story writing! I've watched your talents (of which you have many) develop all through our lives.
    It is such a blessing to have a wonderful sister like you to share our life experiences and especially our one-of-a-kind memories.
    I love you!