Monday, July 4, 2011

Review from Deseret News/Mormon Times 6-30-2011

ALL THAT WAS PROMISED - Bonneville Books
Set in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales, between 1847 and 1848, this piece of historical fiction gives us a glimpse into what early Welsh converts to the LDS faith might have experienced.
In a well-spun tale, Vickie Hall takes us into the lives of Richard Kenyon, a Methodist minister, and his family. When Kenyon joins the LDS faith, converted by American missionary Ben Lochlan, his wife, along with most of his congregation, thinks he has taken leave of his senses, and the rocky relationship with his only brother, Robert, becomes even more strained.
Personal challenges in the Kenyon family, partly the result of Richard's conversion, stretch family members to the limit.
Persecution against the members of the fledgling branch in Cardiff is severe. Another local minister, a barmaid and Richard's own brother contribute to the anti-Mormon sentiment and opposition, which takes the form of bullying, beatings and the destruction of property and lives.
Through it all, faith in the Lord and miracles large and small, keep the fledgling branch in Cardiff alive and growing.
The author has done enough research to incorporate Welsh phrases, folklore, customs and descriptions of the Welsh countryside that sketch a picture of Cardiff and the surrounding area during this time period.
Although there is a historical base for the book, it is definitely a romance novel, and one that would appeal mostly to women - older teens and adults.
- Rosemarie Howard

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